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Monday, November 20, 2017

Esoteric Terms and Meanings: Abyss and Acausal

Abyss: Exoterically, the Abyss represents the region where the causal gives way to, or merges into, the acausal, and thus where the causal is “transcended”, gone beyond, or passed, and where one enters the realm of pure acausality. Hence The Abyss can be considered as an interchange, a nexus, of temporal, atemporal, and spatial and aspatial, dimensions. This region is, for example, symbolized on The Tree of Wyrd, as being between the spheres of Sun and Mars, and ‘Entering the Abyss’ is that stage of magickal development which distinguishes the Master/ Mistress from the Adept. Esoterically, The Tree of Wyrd is itself a re-presentation of The Abyss, as are other esoteric re-presentations, such as The Star Game.

Acausal: The term acausal refers to “acausal Time and acausal Space”: that is, to the acausal Universe. This acausal Universe is part of the Cosmos, which Cosmos consists of both the acausal and the causal, where “causal” refers to the Universe that is described, or re-presented, by causal Space and causal Time. This causal Universe is that of our physical, phenomenal, Universe, currently described by sciences such as Physics and Astronomy. The acausal is non-Euclidean, and “beyond causal Time”: that is, it cannot be represented by our finite causal geometry (of three spatial dimensions at right angles to each other) and by the flow, the change, of causal Time (past-present-future), or measured by a duration of causal Time. In addition - and just as causal energy exists in the causal (understood as such energy is by sciences such as Physics) - acausal energy exists in the acausal, of a nature and type which cannot be described by causal sciences such as Physics (based as these are on a causal geometry and a causal Time). According to the aural tradition of the ONA, there are a variety of acausal life-forms; a variety of acausal life, of different species, some of which have been manifest in (or intruded into) our causal Universe. 


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