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Monday, February 1, 2016

Yantra : Undertaking The Practice in Tantra

The exact method of entering the yantra, reaching the central circle, and propitiating Ganesha and his intrinsic shaktis (the powers of intelligence and success) is not clearly described in any one place. Instead instructions are scattered throughout a number of scriptures and are somewhat contradictory,so that even after studying various texts it is impossible to know how to do this practice correctly. Anyone aspiring to do this sadhana must find a teacher who is an initiate of a living tradition who has studied and practiced under the guidance of a master.

Tradition dictates that if you find such a master, he or she will first initiate you into the Ganesha mantra and the auxiliary practices. Then, when this first level of your sadhana is complete, the master will determine whether or not you are ready to receive the second level of tantra initiation: initiation into the Ganesha yantra. As a part of this the teacher will introduce you to the set of mantras that are used in meditating on different aspects of the yantra. The success of this sadhana depends on practicing precise methods of visualization and performing rituals in exact accordance with the rules laid down by the tradition. If done correctly this practice engenders strength and stability at both the physical and emotional levels, and it will unfold intellectual clarity and sharpness, a prerequisite for cultivating an indomitable will.From the power of determination comes the wisdom and strength to use the four primitive urges (food, sex, sleep, and self -preservation) in a purposeful manner.

Thus the experience gained from completing this second level of practice will make you decisive and fearless.Now you are ready to undertake any tantric sadhana - be it associated with higher levels of yantra sadhana or the practice of chakra puja (left-hand tantra) - because you will be under the guidance and protection of the master of all previous masters,Ganesha himself, who resides in the muladhara chakra and presides over all forces of body and mind. The doors to all tantra practices are now completely open to you - nothing is forbidden to you any more.

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