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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Prana Pratistha and Nyasa

Prana Pratistha :

Prana pratistha is an intense visualization, and it is further energized by the mantra. It causes you to feel that the deity is sitting in the lotus of your heart, or even that you have been replaced, and the meditation about to be undertaken is actually being done by the deity. This helps you rise above the dualistic consciousness which led you to believe that you and the primordial life-force were two different entities.

Nyasa :

Next comes nyasa, which means "to synchronize different aspects of the mantra with different aspects of our being." This practice helps you to synchronize the forces of the mantra with the different limbs and organs of your body.There are different levels of nyasa practice. At the first stage initiation a simple version is used. (In the practice of the highest category of tantric mantras, such as Sri Vidya, the nyasa is quite elaborate.)In this simple version the mantra is divided into six parts and is established in the thumbs,index fingers, middle fingers, ring fingers, little fingers, and palms through the power of concentration. This is called kara nyasa, synchronization of the mantra's power with the energies of the hands. Next comes anga nyasa: synchronization of the six parts of the mantra with the energies of the heart, the head, the crown of the head,the chest and shoulders,the three eyes, and the space pervaded by the pranic body.The final step, known as vyapaka nyasa, involves synchronizing the energy of the mantra with the entire body.


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