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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Yogini Tantra

This painting is based on a narrative featuring in the Yogini Tantra. After the complete dissolution of the universe, when nothing remained other than Shiva and Shakti, Shiva mocked Parvati saying, 'O Devi, I always choose kaivalya. Hence I am absolutely comfortable when there is no creation. But what will you do now, you being the ever-creative force?' At this the Devi replied, 'Never forget that you exist by virtue of my power. without me, you are no better than a corpse. So even if you are enjoying kaivalya now, it is because I am enabling you to do so.' Shiva had nothing to answer but twarted by this insult, he resolved to teach her a lesson. He took a handful of ashes from his body and created a demon whom he named Ghora. Him Shiva commanded to show Parvati what the great Lord could do. The moment Ghora met the Goddess, he was enchanted by her beauty and he asked for her hand in marriage . The Goddess soon assumed the form of Kali and said,' I never keep the aspirations of my devotees unfulfilled. Since you have desired me, I shall surely accept you.' saying this she projected forth her tongue and swallowed up Ghora. Humbling Shiva's pride, Kali revealed before him her cosmic form with millions of universes contained in it. Shiva entered into this vast body of hers and in its various energy centres, beheld the secrets of the universe. In her body he encountered millions of Brahmas, Vishnus and Shivas like himself and was overwhelmed with wonder and fear. Within her heart lotus, he saw the grand body of Shabdabrahman comprising of the fifty letters. There he saw the Agamas, the Vedas, the Puranas, the Smritis and all the limbs of Shastra. The fifty Matrikas embodying the universe of names and forms and the essence of all Mantras were stationed there. From her Ida and Pingala, Brahma and Vishnu were born who again merged into her; and Shiva could well perceive that they were all subject to birth and death. With this vision, Shiva attained the highest enlightenment and recognized the Goddess as the Supreme Reality. As she said, 'There is no state of Brahman higher than that of Kali', he realized that she was absolutely identical with Brahman. He offered himself as a corpse under her feet and attained the supreme bliss.



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