"In Wonders We Sail, Questing for the Answers in Veil"

Monday, October 12, 2015


The ninth goddess in the Mahavidya pantheon is Matangi, the daughter of sage Matanga, a hunter sage belonging to the Chandala class. By virtue of her connection with the outcast and the marginal, Matangi embraces into the realm of the sacred whatever is otherwise shunned as pollutant and impure according to the Brahminical ideology. Luxuriating in her sexuality and subversive potentials, Matangi is truly a Dionysian force who defies all norms of purity to the extent of finding relish in left-over food in one of her forms, Ucchishta Matangi. Besides, there are several other forms of the goddess, very significant of whom is Shyamala, the minister of Rajarajeshvari Lalita. She is the goddess presiding over music and hence bears the Manikya Veena (in some versions the Vallaki Veena) on her lap.



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