"In Wonders We Sail, Questing for the Answers in Veil"

Monday, October 12, 2015


When at the dawn of creation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were wandering over the causal ocean, they enquired about the Supreme Source from which they had originated. A heavenly voice assured them of providing the answer to their query and commanded them to board a celestial vehicle that was being sent down. Boarding the vehicle, the trinity gods were lifted into the space beyond. There, they were wonder-struck to see millions of Brahmas, Vishnus and Shivas like themselves. They realized that just as they were the guardians of one universe, there were millions of trinities presiding over millions of universes. But who was the ultimate origin of them all? Soon the vehicle stopped at an ocean of ambrosia in the midst of which there was an Island of Gems (Manidvipa). Amazingly, they could not trace a single male creature there and it was inhabited solely by women. The moment they stepped into the Island, they found themselves metamorphosed into beautiful damsels. At last, they had the vision of the Supreme Source. The Queen of the Universe, the goddess Bhuvaneshvari revealed herself as sitting on a throne composed of five corpses. Her complexion was red and in her four arms she was holding a noose, a goad and gestures of bliss and assurance.

Brahma was amazed for so long he had been knowing from the Vedas that the Supreme Cause of the universe was Purusha. When humbling themselves down at the Goddess's feet, the trinity gods were praying to her, Brahma enquired, 'O Mother Supreme, are you the Ultimate Reality or is it that Purusha of whom the Vedas speak?'. The Devi replied, 'I and that Purusha are one and the same. No difference exits between us. I am what he is and he is what I am. I am the One Brahman without a second, yet for the sake of creation, I become dual. However, after the final dissolution, I am neither male nor female nor neuter. When in the form of the universe, I manifest as every object for nothing exists apart from myself.' Saying this, she manifested Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Gauri and united them with the trinity as their respective Shaktis. The three couples were sent down to the worlds charged with the tasks of creation,preservation and dissolution.



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