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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Significance Of Solomon's Triangle In Goetian Ritual

Triangle In Geometry 

A triangle is one of the basic shapes of geometry: a polygon with three corners or vertices and three sides or edges which are line segments.In Euclidean geometry any three non-collinear points determine a unique triangle and a unique plane.

Triangle As a Symbolism

The symbolic idea of a triangle are interpreted in many ways in different cultures around the globe.In Jewish religion,two triangles,one vertical and the other horizontal,together forms a 'Hexagram',which signifies the chalice and the blade,the union of male-female power.

Among Greeks the Lunar(Vertical) and the Solar(Horizontal) astrological calculation are depicted in triangles.This shows how even a simple shift of this symbol can offer a huge variation in its meaning.

All the mystic teachings incorporate the power of three within their folds.Also three represents the union of number prior to it (one and two-1+2=3). Numerologically speaking,if one represents force and two represents an opening,the three is the birth of wisdom.For example;
Spirit     Mind        Body
Father   Son          Holy-ghost
Creator  Destroyer  Sustainer
Love      Truth         Wisdom

The symbolic idea here,is that vertical side represents one aspect,the horizontal side another aspect,and the hypotenuse is the offspring of the combining sides.the combination of one and another produces a new being altogether (a child as it were).
This among other complexities is where the triangle symbol meaning of creation/creativity is stemmed.Each sides and corner sings out a melody,and their combination in form creates a marvelous harmonic orchestration.

Triangle Of Solomon
In the Solomon's ritual of the Goetian magick,Triangle represented the first psychological plane of the manifestation.It act as a cage containing and restraining the spirits/demons one evoke.

Let us imagine we are participating,the original act of creation back at the dawn of time,out in the vast reaches of the cosmic space.First we create just one point in the emtyspace,then God establish the second point and connected to the first,so do we have a line here,then we plot our third point,the point of the psychic power,now connecting all the three points we have a triangle,the first flat surface.After that we create a thing,by making a circle inside the triangle and as long as we refrained to establish the point five (the imaginary point of concentration),setting everything in motion.Now we will constrain our creation to remain in this position.So that we would keep our spirit or the demon within the triangle.

Traditionally the name of Archangel Michael,the angel of power is divided within the circle as MI-CHA-EL within the three corners of the triangle,to add a visual emphasis to the sacred and symbolic geometry that bond spirits and demons.The Archangels are the positive energies,we conceive them according to our own imagination,that we must have them inside as well as outside.Also it has three sacred names of the Gods,Tetragrammaton-Primeumaton-Anaphaxeton on each sides which will make them conjured spirit or demon to obey.

* Practicing the magickal rituals mentioned in this blog,without expert supervision,is extremely dangerous.


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