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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sleep and Death Explained by Mirra Alfassa

What is death ?
What happens at the moment of death ?
What is the difference between 'sleep' and 'death' ?
Here is an interesting conversation between a disciple and Mirra Alfassa aka 'The Mother' on death and its mystery. According to the Mother, there are two differences between sleep and death. After death, the link to the physical body is cut and consequently, one can no longer return to the body in case one has nighmarish encounters in the occult worlds. Secondly, the domain of consciousness that one ventures into after death is distinct from the domain that one enters during sleep.


Disciple: Is there a difference between sleep and death, or are they the same? … When you are asleep, you aren’t in your body: everything else goes out just as it does at the time of death, doesn’t it?

Mother Mirra: The cataleptic state of trance is like death, yes, except for the link (i.e. the silver cord) that remains – only a link remains, but otherwise one has entirely gone out. Actually, the body becomes cataleptic only when one has entirely gone out; otherwise everything that is most material in the vital remains.

Disciple: I mean, aren’t the places you go to in sleep the same as the ones you go to in death?

Mother Mirra: No, no, no. Most of the time in sleep, with very few exceptions, one is in contact with all that rises up from the subconscient: a cerebral subconscient, an emotive subconscient, a material subconscient; this is what produces ninety-nine percent of the dreams people have. Sometimes – usually – the mind goes wandering, but ninety-nine and a half percent of the time, one remembers nothing when it returns, because the link is not properly established.

The purpose of sleep is to re-establish contact with the consciousness of Sachchidananda(i.e. the higher triple worlds out of the seven worlds). But I don’t think one person in a hundred does so! They enter into unconsciousness far more than into Sachchidananda.

Yet no two sleeps are the same, mon petit! And it’s the same with deaths, no two are the same. But sleep and death are different because … they are different states. As long as you have a body, you are not in the same state as when you are ‘dead.’ There is a period of seven days after the doctors declare you ‘dead’ when you are still in an intermediary state; but the actual state of death itself is completely different because there is no longer this physical base[5].

After death, one enters the “domain of death”, which is a region of the vital world. (see Cosmology for an overview of various occult worlds)

Mother Mirra: Generally, “domain of death” is the name given to a certain region of the most material vital into which one is projected at the moment one leaves one’s body. The part – how to put it? – of one’s life that’s usually the most conscious is projected there at the moment of death. Well, that region, that material vital world is very dark, it is full of adverse formations having desires at their centre or even adverse wills, and these are very, very elemental entities which have a very fragmentary life and are like vampires, in the see that they feed on all that is thrown out from human beings. And so, at that moment, from the shock of death – for very few die without a shock, go out consciously, in full knowledge of the thing, there are not many such – usually it is an accident: a last accident; well, at that shock of death, those entities rush in upon this, upon this vitality that goes out, and feed upon it. So long as a person is alive, they cannot touch him. For, you have all had the experience of a nightmare in which, when the situation becomes really very dangerous, suddenly you wake up – you come back into your body, for the body is your protection. In the physical they can do nothing to you but when you are completely outside the physical (and even this link I spoke about serves as a protection to a certain extent when you go out), but if the links are broken and you are entirely without a body, well, unless you take advantage of special circumstances… as for instance when a person is much loved by others who are yet alive; if at that moment these people who love him concentrate their thought and love on the departed one, he finds a refuge therein, and this protects him completely against those entities; but one who passes away without anyone’s having a special attachment for him, either because he is surrounded by people he has harmed and who do not love him or by people who are in a terribly unconscious state – he is like a prey delivered to these forces. And that indeed is an experience that’s difficult to bear.


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  1. Perfect explanation of these beings! Learn to befriend these unseen but very real beasts to maneuver your dreams onto more content-er dreams and continue dreaming/soaring, very difficult to do but possible. Also possible to call on those beings to aid you in life emergencies against evil humans. Narcolepsy and cataplexy is a very spiritually debilitating thing to have, constant dancing with Death. Blessed curse. <3 I'm deaf, so everything is done by telepathy/intention/prayer or likewise.


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