"In Wonders We Sail, Questing for the Answers in Veil"

Sunday, October 5, 2014


The serpent of the earthly paradise is a symbol of the evolutionary force that drove man out of a state of animal bliss to regain the state of divine happiness by eating the fruit of Knowledge and developing his mental capacity until it reached a point of transformation. In Greece, too, winged serpents pull the chariot of Demeter. The serpent is not only a symbol of cosmic evolution but also a symbol of the individual evolutionary force: when the ascending force (kundalini) awakens at the base of our spine and emerges from our physical consciousness, where it was asleep, coiled up like a serpent in its hole (kundalini means "the coiled one"), when it rises from center to center, the evolved human being emerges from ordinary unconsciousness to enter a cosmic consciousness; then, through the opening above the head, he enters the divine solar consciousness. For the rishis of the ancient, and probably for other sources of wisdom that have now vanished, the discovery of this solar consciousness above is only a first evolutionary stage which has to be followed by the discovery of the same solar consciousness below, in Matter. This is the serpent biting its own tail, or what Sri Aurobindo calls the "transformation."

Triptolemus, Demeter and Persephone by the Triptolemos-painter, ca 470 BC., Louvre 

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