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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mind/Manas- A Faculty

Manas is etymologically closely connected with humans and has,therefore been generally translated by mind.But though it may be used in that sense in ordinary language,it has a narrower meaning in Sanskrit philosophy.It is meant for the central and combining organ of the the senses of perception and action.This Manas that performs originally,what we ascribe to the faculty of atention (Avadhana): It acts,as we are told,as a doorkeeper,preventing the impression of the different senses from rushing in simultaneously,producing nothing but confusion.

Manas by understanding or reasoning,we should render what is mean as chiefly a perceptive and arranging faculty by a name that implies reasoning from lowest to the highest form.With us Reasoning is what distinguishes men from animals.Also it gives us the images which consist of the contributions of different senses; it tells us this is this (Nischaya) and fixes it (Adhyavasaya).Images are formed into concepts and words (Sankalpa); these may be called into question (Samsaya) and weighed (Vikalpa) against each other,so as to give judgements.

Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings


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