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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ghosts aka Haunting Explained by Sri Aurobindo

           From childhood we all grew up hearing Ghost stories and real-life incidents from people around us.Today the growing culture of the various paranormal investigation groups have provided us with various evidence to ponder in to this unknown realm.But still all these remain a mystery for us,that current instruments in the field of paranormal-investigation limits in its ability to give us more information of other-side.Therefore we all ended up as Skeptics,searching for answers.

In this below excerpt,from the book 'Letters on Yoga',The great saint Sri Aurobindo explains this phenomena in a more insightful way.


What do you mean by a ghost? The word "ghost" as used in popular parlance covers an enormous number of distinct phenomena which have no necessary connection with each other. To name a few only:

1. An actual contact with the soul of a human being in its subtle body and transcribed to our mind by the appearance of an image or the hearing of a voice. (According to Sri Aurobindo the departed soul stays in the earthly realms for maximum period of three years,depending on their vital and physical attachment)

2. A mental formation stamped by the thoughts and feelings of a departed human being on the atmosphere of a place or locality, wandering about there or repeating itself, till that formation either exhausts itself or is dissolved by one means or another. This is the explanation of such phenomena as the haunted house in which the scenes attending or surrounding or preceding a murder are repeated over and over again and many other similar phenomena. (This in popular culture we call it as Residual-Haunting)

3. A being of the lower vital planes who has assumed the discarded vital sheath of a departed human being or a fragment of his vital personality and appears and acts in the form and perhaps with the surface thoughts and memories of that person. (In popular culture,we call it Intelligent-Haunting)

4. A being of the lower vital plane who by the medium of a living human being or by some other means or agency is able to materialise itself sufficiently so as to appear and act in a visible form or speak with an audible voice or, without so appearing, to move about material things, e.g., furniture or to materialise objects or to shift them from place to place. This accounts for what are called poltergeists, phenomena of stone-throwing, tree-inhabiting Bhutas, and other well-known phenomena.

5. Apparitions which are the formations of one's own mind and take to the senses an objective appearance.

6. Temporary possession of people by vital beings who sometimes pretend to be departed relatives etc.

7. Thought-images of themselves projected, often by people at the moment of death, which appear at that time or a few hours afterwards to their friends or relatives.You will see that in only one of these cases, the first, can a soul be posited and there no difficulty arises.

-Excerpt from 'Sri Aurobindo's 'Letters on Yoga'-Rebirth Page 406.


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