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Monday, May 7, 2012

Domain of Death Explained By Mirra Alfassa

The below commentary extracted from the book 'The Mother,Question and Answers 1954',were Mirra Alfassa answering her disciples,on various mystical question.

10th March 1954

Q : “Domain of death” means what?

A: Every religion has spoken about it differently. The Greeks hadtheir “Elysium”, one crossed over in a “boat”. There are all theparadises, all the hells.

No, not religions

Generally, “domain of death” is the name given to a certainregion of the most material vital into which one is projected atthe moment one leaves one’s body. The part—how to put it?—of one’s life that’s usually the most conscious is projected thereat the moment of death. Well, that region, that material vitalworld is very dark, it is full of adverse formations having desiresat their centre or even adverse wills, and these are very, veryelemental entities which have a very fragmentary life and are likevampires, in the sense that they feed on all that is thrown outfrom human beings. And so, at that moment, from the shock ofdeath—for very few die without a shock, go out consciously, infull knowledge of the thing, there are not many such—usuallyit is an accident: a last accident; well, at that shock of death,those entities rush in upon this, upon this vitality that goesout, and feed upon it. So long as a person is alive, they cannottouch him. For, you have all had the experience of a nightmarein which, when the situation becomes really very dangerous,suddenly you wake up—you come back into your body, forthe body is your protection. In the physical they can do nothingto you but when you are completely outside the physical (andeven this link I spoke about serves as a protection to a certainextent when you go out), but if the links are broken and youare entirely without a body, well, unless you take advantage ofspecial circumstances... as for instance when a person is muchloved by others who are yet alive; if at that moment these peoplewho love him concentrate their thought and love on the departedone, he finds a refuge therein, and this protects him completelyagainst those entities; but one who passes away without anyone’shaving a special attachment for him, either because heis surrounded by people he has harmed and who do not lovehim or by people who are in a terribly unconscious state—heis like a prey delivered to these forces. And that indeed is anexperience that’s difficult to bear. They cannot touch anything else except what belongs to their own domain, that is, the mostmaterial vital—the higher vital escapes them altogether, theycan do nothing there. And so, this material vital goes out butthe other remains; and this higher vital is attacked by otherdangers, simply that. And if it also disappears, themind remains.But behind all this is the psychic being which nothing can touch,which is above all possible attacks, and it indeed is free to gowhere it wants. Usually—unless it has a special opportunityand has reached a state of complete development—it goes torest in the psychic worlds. There it enters into a kind of beatificcontemplation in which it remains, and this is an assimilationof all its experiences, and when it has finished assimilating themand resting, well, it starts preparing to come down again fora new life. That being nothing can touch. But so very few areconscious of their psychic that one can hardly say that it is suchand such a person whom one has known, for people as we knowthem are made of what?—of all their physical experiences, alltheir vital reactions, all their mental formations—that is, thebody, the character, the thought—and with these we have ahuman being! Well, all that cannot persist after death unless itis organised and centralised around the psychic being and tothe extent it is perfectly unified with the psychic. Otherwise allthis mixture is dissolved and the psychic being alone remains,at times just as a flame, at times as a completely consciousbeing.This of course is the general law. Now there are bridges,as it were, “protected passages” which have been built in thevital world in order to cross over all these dangers. There areatmospheres which receive people leaving their body, give themshelter, give them protection. There are all kinds of other conditions;what I have told you just now is the normal state of thosewho die, of ordinary human beings, but as soon as we come toa little higher type of humanity, all these conditions change. Thegeneral law remains unless there is a special higher developmentwithin the being. There are people with so total a cohesion in their being that they no longer depend upon the body—not atall—whether it be there or not there.But all this development does not come about just like that,simply by thinking about it from time to time, desiring it stillless often and forgetting it most of the time—no, it is not likethat that it can happen. These are disciplines, I may say, at leastas arduous as the strictest spiritual disciplines.... Essentially it isfor this that we are on the earth. Truly speaking, human beingswere made for this purpose, to do that work, and it is perhapsbecause they refuse to do it that there is so much chaos in theworld. If they did it truly, things would go much better.


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