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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Nature Of Angels And How To Commune With Them By Paramahansa Yogananda

Angels are God-ordained heavenly beings who serve God's purposes throughout creation. They are either personified powers or qualities of God, or are fully liberated souls in whose beings the perfect spirit of God is encased.The latter, having overcome both material and heavenly desires and attachments,have merged in Spirit and then reemerged in bodies of pure energy-omnipotent,omniscient forces of the Divine Will.

God's angels and exalted saints in the immanent-transcendent sphere of omnipresent Christ Consciousness can move freely in any realm of Infinity. They can ascend to the region of the Father; there the Self is dissolved in the unfathomable Blissful Spirit. Yet the impression of their individuality remains and can be reclaimed at will or at God's command. In the Christ Consciousness sphere they have individuality, but are in an ecstatic state. They dissolve their astral bodies there. When they descend into the vibratory region, they can be seen with astral bodies, which look just like a physical body, except made of a glow of light. That body has substance as a manifested form, but not gross solidity-just as dream images seem so solid, and yet are composed of the subtlety of astral light. By changing the vibrations of their super-electric forms,angels can make themselves large or small, visible or invisible at will,not only in the astral but also in the physical ether-as when angels appeared to laud the birth of Jesus.At other times, also, angels and divine beings in their astral forms, seen or unseen, intersperse the blessings of their presence into the happenings on earth, as when in response to devotional supplication or good karma a person or condition merits divine intervention.

It is not insurmountably difficult to see and commune with angels. But it requires deep concentration long enough so that all the disturbances of the mind drop away and the heart becomes perfectly attuned to the fine, heavenly vibrations.When the physical body and mind are restless, the consciousness does not record the presence of angels and spiritual beings. One must know how to tune in with them in order to see the divine ones "ascending and descending upon the Son of man."

The heart, or center of feeling--the conscious awareness principle in man,described in Yoga as 'chitta'-is the receiver of perceptions, as the radio or television set receives sounds and images passing through the ether. The spiritual eye of intuition broadcasts those perceptions from omnipresence into the consciousness. Therefore, in a state of deep concentration attained in the practice of the scientific methods of yoga meditation, the feeling (the aggregate mind-stuff of intelligent consciousness) and the spiritual eye work together to tune in the finer vibrations of spiritual manifestation by refining and uplifting the human consciousness, the son of man, to a receptive state.Neither the higher heavenly realms nor their exalted saints and angels can be contacted through such means as mediums or psychic demonstrations-which at utmost can reach only the ordinary or lower astral planes and their beings, or, more commonly, unreliable earthbound entities.

In his words to Nathanael, Jesus spoke of this spiritualization of consciousness toward which the disciple was to aspire under the guidance of the Master;ultimately to see the highest heaven open and the physical body or son of man translated into a son of God. When the spiritual eye is opened and the consciousness embraces all creation in the Christ state, the devotee knows that his own true Self is an angelic being--an immortal immutable ['unchangeable'] soul. He realizes that in the incarnate state it is the astral body that is the real body, the purveyor of life, sensory powers, consciousness--more tangible than the gross atomic form, and powerfully invulnerable to sickness, diseases, and troubles.Satanic delusion transforms perfect soul-angels into mortal devils, or at the least into individuals forgetful of their divine status. But even an ocean of sins cannot spoil the soul. Sin means error.Renounce the sin of ignorance and its delusive enticements of evil doings. Keep the heart free from jealousy, anger, selfishness; love all persons unconditionally, in spite of their weaknesses-that is the way to become an angelic son of man, in tune with the angels and fully liberated sons of God. By following Jesus, Nathanael would be led into his own position among that holy heavenly host.

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