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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Afterlife : The Third Eye (The Eye That Beholds Heaven And Beyond) By Paramahansa Yogananda

'Jesus answered and said unto him [Nathanael], "Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, believest thou? Thou shalt see greater things than these." And he saith unto him, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man (John 1:50-51).'

When Jesus told Nathanael that he would "see heaven open, and angels ascending and descending on the Son of man," it was a promise that man has a divine inheritance to reclaim the omniscience of spiritual perception, that heaven and its wonders can be realized in the here and now.

This son of man, this human body and consciousness, has become dissociated from its heavenly essence because of its identity with the physical world. But Jesus intimated that all those who tune their physical self with their spiritual Self can perceive the astral world and transcend the consciousness of physical limitations.If a radio is not properly tuned in, it cannot catch the songs and voice-information passing through the ether. If a television set is dysfunctional, it cannot receive the vibrations of televised electronic images.Analogously, the human body is tuned in with matter. That is why it doesn't perceive the presence of divine beings and all finer forces just behind the astral etheric firmament separating heaven and earth, and one's finer constituent lifetronic form within the gross manifestation of the physical body.

Though paradise is not visible to the eyes of most mortals, nevertheless it is real. There was a time when people would have dismissed with utter skepticism the idea of radio and television vibrations in the ether, but now millions hear and see them daily. Likewise, any devotee can tune in the celestial sights and sounds of the angelic realms through the soul's powers of super-audition and super-vision, when by meditation the inner television and heart- and mind-radio are freed from the static of restlessness and mortal desires.*

To "see heaven open," as expressed by Jesus, is possible in two ways:
.1.By removal of the vibrations of etheric space with its boundary walls of light through the command of the Ultimate Intelligence.
2. By overcoming the limitations of the physical eyes and penetrating the spiritual eye of omnipresent perception.

Now as to the first supposition, imagine the chaos if the Lord were to remove the dividing firmament between earth and heaven. If heaven were bombarded by all the noises and discord of the earth, even the angels couldn't stand it! Heaven is heavenly because the Lord has made it a place of respite from mortal mania.Conversely, the physically circumscribed instrumentality of the ordinary man could not cope with the intrusion of a dimension it could neither enter nor control. God keeps man focused on the learning tools and lessons he is to master in this earthly schoolhouse. At the same time, the Lord has guarded the astral universe so that the cacophony of human beings on earth cannot disturb with the gross vibrations of their troubles the rapturous pleasures and meditations of astral beings.

The door to heaven, through which one can enter the divine spheres consciously,and as a welcome visitor, is the spiritual eye in the Christ center in the forehead. The eye of mythological Cyclops is true in concept, but as a spiritual, not a malevolent, instrument of perception.The third eye of the gods is a more accurate depiction: The aspect of God as Lord Shiva-God's power of dissolution for the renewal of created forms-for example, is shown with two physical eyes and one divine eye in the middle of the forehead.Similarly, in astral beings the two physical eyes are but faintly visible, their sight is through the single intuitive spiritual eye. Those who are advanced enough to peer into the physical cosmos from their heavenly home open the two eyes when they want to see the relativity of matter.**All saints, also, receive their communion with God and the supernal realms through the spiritual eye. The eyes of saints in ecstatic communion are always upturned,locked in that center of divine perception.

By the right method of meditation and devotion, with the eyes closed and concentrated on the spiritual eye,the devotee knocks at the gates of heaven.*** When the eyes are focused and still, and the breath and mind are calm, a light begins to form in the forehead. Eventually, with deep concentration, the tricolored light of the spiritual eye becomes visible. Just seeing the single eye is not enough; it is more difficult for the devotee to go into that light.But by practice of the higher methods, such as 'Kriya Yoga', the consciousness is led inside the spiritual eye, into another world of vaster dimensions.

In the gold halo of the spiritual eye, all creation is perceived as the vibratory light of the Holy Ghost. The blue light of Christ Consciousness is where the angels and deity agents of God's individualized powers of creation, preservation, and dissolution abide--as well as the most highly evolved saints. Through the white light of the spiritual eye, the devotee enters Cosmic Consciousness; he ascends unto God the Father.

Science itself confirms that with our limited senses we perceive only a certain range of vibrations of matter: We do not perceive it as its constituent dancing electrons, and the solid body as an electro-magnetic wave. In the spiritual eye,the veritable darkness of physical light disappears and the electronic and astral lifetronic nature of substances is perceived through the sixth sense of intuition. The materially formidable firmament between heaven and earth becomes only a diaphanous veil revealing astral scenes and beings. When I enter the sanctuary of meditation and peer through the portals of the spiritual eye, in a trice the lights of the material creation around me vanish and I am in that other world. The ordinary astral phenomena hold no interest for me, but it is the greatest joy to be in the presence of the angelic saints and of the Mother of the Universe.

Notes :

*Since the divergence of science and religion in centuries past, scientistshave typically greeted the idea of "higher dimensions" with skepticism. At the forefront of advanced physics today, however, is the theory of superstrings-a theory that not only allows for additional dimensions but 'requires' them,writes Brian Greene,Ph.D., in 'The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory' (New York: Vintage Books,2000).

Furthermore, reports 'Los Angeles Times' science writer K.C. Cole, scientists acknowledge that cosmic forces as yet unnamed by physics may well exist in the other dimensions required by string theory. "If so,"she writes in 'The Hole in the Universe' (New York: Harcourt, 2001), "they could have far-reaching effects,and perhaps even explain some of physics' most difficult puzzles."

String theorists explain that we don't detect the additional dimensions in the universe because even though forces emerge from them, spatially they are tightly "curled up" to almost infinitesimal size. Other scientists,including William Tiller, Ph.D., professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, maintain that higher dimensions remain invisible not because they are small but because they are "inaccessible to the physical sensory system, or to present-day instrumentation."

A proposal that is all the more remarkable in that it comes from a Nobel Prize-winning physicist has been put forth by Professor Brian Josephson of Cambridge University, renowned for key discoveries in subatomic quantum mechanics: "Mystical experience by self-development through meditation, etc., is not only the key to one's own development but also the key...to putting this attempt to synthesize science and religion on a sold foundation....If we follow this path of a synthesis of science with religion (using meditation as an observational tool), what we are doing is using our own nervous systems as instruments to observe the domains in which God works. Ordinary scientific instruments like telescopes, galvanometers, and particle detectors are not going to be good in this context because they are designed to function in the material domain. Our nervous systems, on the other hand, are designed to allow us to interact not only with the material level of existence but also with the spiritual levels....All the different levels are open to exploration if we develop our nervous systems so that they tune in. One can imagine that this would be a part of the scientific training of the future." - from 'Nobel Prize Conversations With Sir John Eccles, Roger Sperry, Ilya Prigogine, Brian Josephson' (Dallas: Saybrook Publishing Company, 1985). ('Publisher's Note')

**Yoga explains that the two physical eyes are an externalization of the finerforces in the single spiritual eye of the astral body. From the seat of the spiritual eye in the subtle center in the medulla, a bifurcated current of life energy flows into the physical eyes, giving the dual or dimensional perception of matter. In deep meditation, when the gaze of the two eyes is concentrated at the point between the eyebrows, the dual positive and negative currents flowing from the medulla into the two eyes reunite, and the meditator beholds the "single" or spiritual eye.
Modern scientific evidence that our two eyes begin as a single structure is found in the research of molecular neurobiologist Yi Rao of the Washington University School of Medicine, reported in 'Discover', May 1997.Dr. Rao studied eye development in frog embryos and isolated the so-called "Cyclops" gene, which control eye development. By the time the embryo is twenty-one hours old, the two dark spots that later form into the eyes are visible. Dr. Rao found that these two spots had originated as a single band. His experiments demonstrated that if the brain does not signal cells in this "single band" to shut down and allow two separate eyes to form (which happens in normal development), one-eyed tadpoles are the result. Furthermore, his research suggests that this process "is general to all vertebrate species." ('Publisher's Note')

***"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and itshall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7-8).

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