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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Afterlife : The Divine Helps Those Who Helps Themselves

It is through our actions that we become the creators of our destiny, we must be vigilant about what we do.The law of karma is so complex it is unlikely that we will ever understand exactly which karma or group of karmas causes us to be born as a sage,a queen,a dog,a caterpillar,or a plant.Bu whether we understand it or not ,destiny is the result of our karmas.We plant seeds which eventually sprouts,grow,blossom and bear fruit.We are not entirely aware of the dynamics of this process,yet the process goes on.The same force that makes an apple seed grow in to a tree that bears apple rather than coconut,peaches or walnuts also ensures that the karmic seeds we plant eventually bear the proper fruit.

We have seen that our previous karmas keep us having perfect freedom of choice,yet the freedom we do have is sufficient to make us the creators of our destiny.The doctrine of karma is fatalistic.On the contrary it proclaims that God or divine providence helps those who helps themselves.If we use our present level of our freedom with full determination and faith,nature begins to grand us a wider range of freedom.That is how we evolve spiritually.By listening to our inner voice and consulting scriptures and saints to confirms its validity,we ca arrive at the right understand of our actions.

Then if we perform our actions selflessly,lovingly and skillfully we attenuate old unwholesome karmas and at the same time generate ,new,positive and uplifting karmas.This is 'Karma Yoga',selfless service.And once we begin reconstructing our destiny by following the path of karma yoga,divine providence comes to our aid in one form or the other.

Action performed on the path of karma yoga cannot of course change the course of our destiny in our present life - destiny has already determined our birth, longevity,and other aspects of our fate.But such actions can minimize the influence of the secondary strands of our destiny,and by doing so they can prevent our future misery.

The path of karma yoga is the foundation for all other paths.Selfless service purifies the way of the soul,and without such purification our mind and heart remain caught in worldly concerns.Regardless of which spiritual path we ultimately follow,we cannot bypass karma yoga-it help us earn virtues,which in turn draw God's grace towards us in the form of right-thinking (Vichara) and meeting wise people (Satsanga) at the crucial moments in the life.

The scriptures tell us that a master appears when a student is prepared.Selfless service is the means of preparation.It begins to transform the mind's tendency to identify itself solely with the material world into a tendency to be attracted to the more subtle realms of existence.Thus the scriptures ask,

"How can those who have not performed good karmas either meditate on thee or even acknowledge thee, O Divine Mother ? " (Sanudaryalahari 1)

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-Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D
  The Himalayan Institute


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