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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Trinity Of Creation

It impressed me to know that the three manifestations of Brahman, have allot of similarities with the Christian "Holy Trinity", in Hinduism called the "Trimurti".In relegion,the interpretation of these three supreme powers is as follows.
- Brahma is like the Father, the creator, the cosmic mind. As God the Father has few temples dedicated to him, in fact only one in all India.
- Vishnu, like the Son, Jesus Christ, the preserver, the cosmic lord,with 9 reincarnations, ten avatar manifestations and the one to come, Kalkin.However, Jesus is the only one incarnation of God. Vishnu had already 9 incarnations ("avatars") and he is shown as one them, as fish, tortoise, a boar.The last 3 were Rama, Krishna, and Buddha, who are very popular
- Shiva like the Holy Spirit, destroyer of the bad things to renew the universe, the transcendent Godhead.So, Hinduism in some way it is a "monotheistic" religion.However the Bible condemns any kind of polytheism, the adoration of anything or anybody besides the only God, because the gods that are not God, are idols or devils (Psalm 96:5).

Even though there is no,religious similarities to the two different trinities,but there is a profound scientific as well as a spiritual meaning and articulation of these three powers in the real scientific world as well as in the modern mystic-spiritual path.

Science Fact:

The zero-energy universe hypothesis states that the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero. When the energy of the universe is considered from a pseudo-tensor point of view, zero values are obtained in the resulting calculations.The amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by the negative energy in the form of gravity.
A generic property of inflation is the balancing of the negative gravitational energy, within the inflating region, with the positive energy of the inflaton field to yield a post-inflationary universe with negligible or zero energy density.It is this balancing of the total universal energy budget that enables the open-ended growth possible with inflation; during inflation energy flows from the gravitational field (or geometry) to the inflaton field—the total gravitational energy decreases (becomes more negative) and the total inflaton energy increases (becomes more positive). But the respective energy densities remain constant and opposite since the region is inflating. Consequently inflation explains the otherwise curious cancellation of matter and gravitational energy on cosmological scales which is a feature of a zero-energy free-lunch universe, which is consistent with astronomical observations.

Quantum Fluctuation:

          Due to quantum uncertainty energy fluctuations such as electron and its anti-particle a positron can arise spontaneously out of vacuum space but must disappear rapidly. The lower the energy of the bubble, the longer it can exist. A gravitational field has negative energy. Matter has positive energy. The two values cancel out provided the universe is completely flat. In that case the universe has zero energy and can theoretically last forever.

For the Spiritual Interpretation,Please Refer 
Mother Mary or Maha Prakriti


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