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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mother Mary or Maha Prakriti

Most of the biblical terms and characters has an in-depth metaphorical articulation, more than a mere identity. When the 'CHRISTIANS' pays devotional homage and tribute to 'Mother Mary' or 'Virgin Mary', many among them are unperceived of the fact that they are unknowingly or indirectly paying respect to the 'Cosmic Vibration'(AUM) or the 'Holy Vibration aka 'Maha Prakriti' (The Great Nature, The Cosmic Mother that gives birth to all creation) manifested by the pure/virgin resonant thoughts that emanated from the 'Cosmic Spirit' or the 'Cosmic Father', within which 'The Mother' or the 'Holy Vibration' gave birth to their only begotten son, the 'Christ Consciousness' or 'Kutastha Chaitanya',in all the animated and inanimated creation of the material, astral and casual world of existence.

The transcendent consciousness of the cosmic spirit, God or the father,became manifest within the Holy Mother or Holy Ghost or Maha Prakriti as the begotten Son, the 'Christ Consciousness', God's intelligence in all vibratory creation.The pure reflection of the 'Cosmic Spirit' or God in the 'Holy Ghost or Maha Prakriti indirectly guides it to create, recreate, preserve and mould the creation according to the 'Cosmic Spirit's divine purpose.


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