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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Father Dies,Son Dies

What I admire about Taoist is that they found a simple and satisfying solution to life,without ignoring its great complexity.There is a story that encapsulate this.

A wealthy merchant visited a sage and asked him to make a wall-hanging,a beautiful work of calligraphy for his family.

'I want you to write the recipe for happiness',said the merchant.

The sage told him it would be ready in a week.When the merchant returned ,the sage showed him the work.It said,

Father dies.
Son dies.

The merchant was furious.'What kind of recipe is this for happiness!'

The sage picked up his brush ,dipped it in the ink,and wrote.

Son dies.
Father dies.

'Would you prefer in this order?'

The Taoist recipe for happiness is to follow the natural way,not to place yourself in opposition to the way things flow,but to plant yourself right in the midst of that flow,and not only to accept it,but to revel in it.Whether people today are able to get back to that simplicity is questionable,since we have grown very cynical and admire the complex and difficult,even when these rarely give us anything positive in return.


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