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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Transmigration of a Soul: Interpreted by Paramahansa Yogananda

          As individualized souls,spirit progressively unfolds its power of knowing through the successive stages of evolution:as unconscious response in minerals,as feeling in plant life,as instinctive sentiment knowledge in animals,as intellect,reason and undeveloped introspective intuition in humans and as pure intuition in the super-humans.
          It is said that after eight million lives travelling the successive steps of upward evolution like a prodigal son through the cycles of incarnations,at last the soul arrives in a human birth.Originally human-beings were pure sons of God.Nobody knows the divine consciousness enjoyed by Adam and Eve except the saints.Ever since the fall,the man misuse his independence,he has lost that consciousness by associative equivalence of himself with the fleshly ego and its mortal desires.Not altogether uncommon are the persons more like instinct-motivated animals than intellectually responsive human beings.They are so materially minded,that when you talk about food, lust or greed they understand and reflexively responds,like Pavlov's Salivating Dog.But try to engage them in a meaningful philosophical exchange about God or the mystery of life,and their uncomprehending reaction is as though their conversationalist were crazy.

          The spiritual man is trying to free himself from the materiality that is the cause of his prodigal wandering in the maze of incarnations,but the ordinary man does not want more than a betterment of his earthly existence.As instinct confines the animal within prescribed limits,so also does reason circumscribe the human being who does not try to be 'Superhuman' by developing intuition.The person who worships reasons only and is not conscious of the availability of his power of intuition-by which alone he can know himself as soul-remains little more than a rational animal,out of touch with the spiritual heritage that is his birth right.

-From the book 'The Second Coming of the Christ',Discourse 12

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