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Friday, September 2, 2011

Conditions for Spirit or Astral Sight an Interpretation from the 'MYSTIC TEST BOOK, HINDU OCCULT CHAMBERS'

          Every living person possesses the natural gift of Clairvoyance or clear "Spirit Sight" to a very certain degree, and yet many,do not know how to use to make of their gift. Many possess this power in an undeveloped state.And it is capable of development of these ability to any extent,when they will use these gifts to their advantage and take proper means to unfold them.

          Clairvoyance, or Astral Sight (state of introspection),is not a sixth sense as some writers wrongly state, it is the true development of man's ordinary inner or Spiritual Sight, which has been stunted and injured by the materialism and ignorance which rules the world today.

          Live a natural life, as did the old Seers, philosophers,in the by-gone ages,when the highest and best only reigned supreme, and men and women were taught to introduce the state of introspection Sit will, and you can develop all your spiritual gifts or inner sight.

         The first consideration is, of course, the rules for sitting, the necessary precautions for development,
and the best time and conditions which are to be adopted by the would-be Seer in his attempts at unfoldment. You must also study all that has been said here about the interior focalization of the mind. That you will succeed if you follow any one of the methods mentioned here, and you will have phenomenal success if you will only persevere and cleanse your mind from all sordid material and unworthy thoughts.

          In a word, unless you will attempt to live the Life, you cannot attain more than the ordinary gift of Crystal Gazing, but if you will go on and seek higher, and believe you will succeed, you cannot have any limit to the extent of your spirit and Astral Sight in any place, at any time and under any conditions.

          You will be able to introduce Spirit Sight at will,and read in the Astral Light the mysteries of the past, present and future, both in your own life and in that of others ; all will be as an open book to you and the amount of this knowledge you choose to reveal to others will be entirely dependent on your own good judgment.

The conditions of health to be sought are:
  1. The better your health, the clearer your vision, although many people in indifferent health do see, yet they have not the greater powers. You should live as far as possible in the fresh air, take a reasonable amount of exercise, and try to hold the thought of health and purity ever before you.
  2. Cleanliness is essential, this includes body and clothes, you should bathe all over once a day and change your linen at least once or twice a week or oftener, if possible.
  3. Diet is also a necessity and I can assure you that you will not develop satisfactorily if you eat too much meat, as it causes heat and inharmony in the blood, disturbs the system, generating an irritating condition and causes the people who eat it to give off a coarse red aura, or a steal force,which I will explain later, entirely opposed to all conditions essential to spirit sight. At any rate,eat as little as possible, but the amount of progress you make almost entirely depends upon your absolute belief and faith that you will succeed, for without true faith you will accomplish nothing.All doubt and disbelief that you will be able to develop your inner sight must be discarded.
The next question is that of breathing,this has a great deal to do with the development of your Astral Sight.Draw in a deep slow breath, and exhale very slowly, try this during the sitting for the first week and then change to the following:
Inhale with closed mouth while you count four,hold the breath while you count sixteen and exhale slowly while you count eight (mentally).
Have the room in which you sit clean and free from impurities, with plenty of fresh air. Some fresh-cut flowers to place near your crystal or whatever you use for a medium are very desirable but not absolutely necessary. The question arises what class of persons are most likely to develop and succeed in obtaining the state of introspection? I can frankly inform you that all people can develop, provided they are faithful and believe, for "according to your faith be it unto you."

Positive, magnetic people make the best Seers as a rule, although the fair and languid type often develop into excellent Seers, but their visions are seldom quite as reliable as the positive type quoted. The necessary qualifications are self control, the power of concentration and the desire to attain these gifts of the spirit, together with genuine faith.

Now, having attained the necessary qualifications,decide to have confidence in yourself and make up your mind to mean business, then set the time of sitting, which should be kept religiously.Now it is assumed that you are ready to commence,but before you start make up your mind that, what others have done you can and will do,and that if you fail the fault is your own. You must help yourself. Nobody can do for you what you must do for yourself.


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