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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Law For an Adept (From 'The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers')

To one, then, who would become an Adept, and enter in earnest upon the process of induction into the higher states and planes of consciousness, the importance of recognizing and observing the law and adopting the habits which belong to the higher life he is seeking, will be apparent. That law is temperance in eating and drinking, and moderation in all the functions and relations of lust, avoiding in both those indulgences which perverted activities and abnormal desires demand.

The Three Specific Occult Steps

There are but three steps involved in the act of withdrawing from the sense-plane (material world) and entering into communication with the things of either the psychic world or the spiritual plane, and they are so simple that the humblest intellect can comprehend them. The first is to bring the activities of the personal ego into absolute stillness, by diverting or withdrawing the attention and thought from everything relating to things for the sense-life, and centering them upon the specific object chosen for interior contemplation.The second is to empty the mind also of everything relating to self-interest, and lay down all preimpressions, prejudgments and personal predilections, that the mind may be a perfect blank, on which the truth, undisturbed or unobstructed by the bias of prejudice or personal desire, may write its own story. The third is to firmly hold the mind in this unbiased receptive attitude upon the object in the full expectation of thus receiving the desired truth.

It should be remembered that on the inner psychic plane the soul activities of everything produce vibrations upon the psychic or ethereal atmosphere, which is so subtle and elastic that these vibrations extend indefinitely. When the mind is emptied and still, or passive, and opens itself to the psychic plane and the spirit world,and the attention is centered upon any given object or person, the soul vibrations of that particular object become focused upon the psychic organism,and awaken in the consciousness of the listener the very truth of that which made the vibrations. If the soul be in a perfectly receptive attitude, and you have attained, it can take on the condition and thus enter into such sympathetic unity with the dominant states of the person or thing upon which the attention is fixed that it will sense and know them as perfectly as if they were its own, so the real character and condition of persons and things becomes as tangible and real to the soul of the psychometrist as if they were his own.


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