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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crystal Gazing Among the Hindu Seeks

Among the Hindu Seers and initiates the practice of crystal-gazing is largely followed as a means of enforcing the introspective condition.A piece of crystal, usually polished (Japanese balls of rock crystal about three inches in diameter are in common use all over India), is placed before the observer, who will seek some solitary spot and steadily gaze on the shining surface.The student who practices crystal-gazing will obtain results which will be a surprise and a revelation to him.

The eye should be placed on a level with the crystal and about ten inches away from the latter; a light must be adjusted sideways, so that its image is not in the line of vision, and a piece of black cloth should be suspended behind the crystal.Within less than two minutes the Adept has attained a degree of introspection, and will then
behold in the Astral light which will envelop the crystal surface whatever he wishes to ascertain;for instance, what a certain person is doing at a certain moment. Even the past and future will become revealed and he can read your past and future as easily as you are reading this page.

A little practice two or three times a day will enable almost any one to reach this degree of Occultism,and the clearness of the images thus obtained, coupled with the correctness of the information,will be an everlasting surprise to the Neophyte.

Of course, what he apparetly sees in the crystal is in reality transpiring in the Astral light. He has reached a degree of introspective vision, but is obliged to make use of some external tangible object, which for the time being becomes his medium. A plain or concave mirror, set in a wooden frame, and floated upon water, will answer the same purpose, and many Fakirs enforce the abstract condition by merely gazing into the water which they have poured into a small earthen bowl.

The breathing exercises resorted to by the so called Hatha Yogha school of Occultism have no other purpose than to identify the consciousness of the individual with that of the astral plane, and all the pages of Mystic Text Book might be filled with a description of the endless variety of methods which this school enjoins.

The true adept, however, who has attained to the highest pinnacles of esoteric wisdom, scorns to make use of these external and to him childish modes of introspection ; he has come to recognize that "the truth lies tvithin the depth of his own consciousnessand he can place himself in the abstract state within a few seconds by mere will power, whereas, tlie beginner identifies the occult phenomena with the crystal, the mirror or the magic cup, which he correspondingly reverences and regards of great value in assisting him to get a start.*

*It will be observed that a specific definition and description of "spiritual gifts," "Power or Sight" embraces every phrase of a legitimate occult power, knowledge, insight and mastery ever claimed or sought by the Magi, Seer, Adept, Apostles and Hierophants of the world, and that the great Apostle clearly intimates that they are for and should be experienced by the humblest of the Master's followers.It will be further noticed that the source of the new and higher knowledge, wisdom and power here recognized and specifically emphasized as free to all, is ascribed to the direct onduement of the Spirit (not spirits, or angels), but the Supreme and Universal Spirit from which men as well as angels derive their life,their intelligence and their power, and to which, therefore, all alike, the humble as well as the most exalted have equal access.


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