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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conditions For Spirit Sight

Those who in the true sense deserve the appellation of ''ADEPTS" in India are ' not the speculative philosophers or elaborations of cosmogonies.The real adepts are often remarkably deficient in philosophical and even general information.

The author has found among them individuals who would be deemed exceedingly ignorant if judged by the Western standard of education;men, for instant, who had not the haziest knowledge of geography, and to whom even the history of their own country was in a great measure a sealed book.Yet these men were the custodians of Occult power and secrets for which many an intellectual giant would readily exchange twenty years of his life, secrets which so far have successfully baffled the researches of the best Western thinkers and experimenters, and which not only enabled the possesor to suspend or defy the ordinary "laws of nature," but to trimnph over time and space with an ease and readiness which the Greeks hardly dared to attribute to their Olympian gods.

There are among the adepts men of vast mental caliber, philosophers in the highest sense, men whose society is coveted by the foremost Hindu scholars and Western scientists, and who bear the stamp of genius in their countenance. But they are rare exceptions, like everything else that is great and noble in this sorrowful world.
What the author desire to dwell upon is the fact that adeptship in the real esoteric science of India does not presuppose great learning or intellectual superiority on the part of the initiate.*

* The years of probation and the almost incredible hardships which are often inflicted upon the Neophyte before he is deemed worthy of reception into the "brotherhood," are more intended to test his physical endurance and observe his trustworthiness than to increase his store of information.


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