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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baroda The Occult City Of India (From 'The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers')

On the west coast of India, about one hundred and thirty miles north of Bombay, lies the city of Baroda. Here the researcher has seen many miraculous occult feats on many different occasions, performed in precisely the same manner, and the mystery to the outsider seemed only to deepen with every repetition. The Spirit and Occult powers of the Hindus have been the wonder of India from a time antedating, perhaps, the building of the first pyramid.

The early Jesuit Fathers and other pious orthodox hair brained mortals,startled at the sight,and at a total loss to account for it, very promptly attributed it to the devil, and this ingenious explanation is still persisted in by the missionaries and those superstitious, ignorant followers of Theology of the present, who assert that it is a sin even to witness these performances, and who anathematize the, Yogis as agents of Satan.
Many are the wonders of Hindu Magic.The researcjer might go on relating a hundred or more of wonderful significance, and in every respect strange,which have been witnessed in that gorgeous land of the East, which, even in this twenty-first century of merciless Western materialism, is more of a fairyland than Arabia ever was at the time of  Haroun al Raschid.

That earliest cradle of our race and civilization,Hindustan, still holds the key to many Occult mysteries.In the shade of its palm groves, in the depths of its jungles, in the wild recesses of its mountains, and behind the walls of its temples and lamaseries there yet lurks many a secret, which will tax the ingenuity of your best Western reasoners for ages to come.

The Eastern adepts and Hierophants, through their long practice of thought and attention, and the art of contemplation and ancestral practice for centuries, as well as the invocation of the spirits of the Astral Plane, have developed an intellectual insight,subtlety of thought, power of metaphysical analysis and philosophical reasoning which dwarfs into insignificance the best product of our Western Schools.

There is a strange fascination in solitude.Man, that singular admixture of the bestial and divine,who in the society of his own species delights in being paltry and trivial, in developing the more ignoble and clownish side of his nature, becomes a different being when by necessity or choice he is left to his own meditations. The silence of the forests, the stillness of the desert, the vast expanse of the ocean, or the unbroken quiet of some secluded nook, awaken in him thoughts and feelings which the bustle of every-day life can never engender.Then the man is apt to propound to himself the great old riddle, and to descend into the abysmal depths of his own consciousness.


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