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Saturday, April 30, 2011

STATE OF INTROSPECTION (From 'The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers')

By and through the law of realization, inspiration is awakened and established. Again, by and through the exercise of the powers of Auto-suggestion,self-thought, the supreme realization of self, and the innermost desire of life are reached and manifested, withholding all doubt, which opens up to us and connects us with the inward or latent supreme possibilities of soul (God).

To have appreciative knowledge of this exalted condition of inspiration before it is experienced,and of the separate and distinct planes of consciousness and the specific dormant forces they involve, it will be necessary to keep before the mind the conception that we can, by constant application of suitable Auto-suggestion, manifest that perfection of the permanent inner-soul body.Further, it is necessary to hold this thought or conception and dwell upon it until it becomes the dominant impression and actual realization of our daily life,exerting its uplifting and toning influence upon our personality, upon all our actions and thoughts.

This subtle magnetism (soul essence or force) and normal spheres of personality emanates from souls properly controlled, not bodies, and exert all their marvelous subtlety of action most potently on the minds of others. This inner Occult or soul power (vital magnetism), when properly exerted,will overcome and remove all adverse and opposite impressions which have become a life habit of identifying our personal life and being with the Physical body, and its dependence upon external things and conditions. The person who is a creature of habit, and one whom the sense consciousness has so long held dominance, that the tendency of its impressions to continually recur is so fixed, it will perpetually reassert itself, unless the habit be broken by implanting through special and persistent Auto-suggestion the opposite impression to dominate in its place.Any deficiency of character or habit, mental or physical, can be thus overcome or be broken by earnest, persistent effort in the right direction.

This inspiration, realization or psychic consciousness established, however, breaks forever dominance of embarrassment and hesitation caused by sense impressions of self ; hence the importance of the immediate awakening and enthronement of this inspiration (realization), and the self-control of this higher consciousness, the perfection of which is reached and effected by gaining supreme self-control through the law or door of realization.


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