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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Philosphies From The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers

The most pitiful and yet the most grotesque sight that meets the eye of today is the presumptuous fool, who does not stop to think that by his own actions, conduct, and very manner of living and believing he is persistently closing his inner or spiritual sight to the real possibilities of Life.These are concealed from him, because he has never developed his Inner or Soul Sight sufficient to realize or know that the most valuable asset in life is to H Know Thyself" and to see with the Inner or Spiritual Sight.

As you will delve into Hindu, Egyptian ancient mysteries the Spirit world will open before you.The more you begin to understand the language of the Adepts the more grows your conception of that life and world called Spirit, not seen by the outward sight.

Modern science (materialism) attempts to prove that man is an animal; the teachings of the Adepts show that he may be a God. Modern science invests him with the power to lift his own weight; ancient science (Occult Philosophy) invests him with the power to control the destiny of the world. Modern science allows him to live for a very limited number of years; ancient science teaches that he always existed, and will never cease to exist if he desires to live. Modern science deals with the instrument that the real man uses as long and as often as he comes into relationship with the world of phenomena, and she mistakes that instrument for the man; the Adepts show you the true nature of the essential man, to whom one earthly existence is nothing more than one of the many incidents of his eternal Spiritual career.

Man's power to realize increases in proportion as this ethereal and celestial power of light penetrates his mind, and, developing his inner sight or Spirit sight, it may enable him to see and perceive that which he interiorly thinks, just as if it were objective and external. Spirit being unity and independent of our ideas of space, and all men having therefore essentially the same spirit, the soul of men existing at places widely distant from each other may thus enter into communication (telepathy), and converse with each other exactly in the same manner as if they had met in their physical bodies.

Again, that there is a certain kind of spiritual force, occult influence or energy, based on the existence of the spiritual and Astral world, placed without not within, the body, and into communication with which the human soul of man can enter by and through the law and principle of realization,has long been demonstrated as a fact. That these invisible forces (evil spirits who are earth bound and exist in the Astral body) can control a man and break him down as easily as the fearful hurricane sweeps all before it, striking him in a thousand places at the same time, without his being able to perceive the invisible foe or being able to protect himself, is also proven. But that these forces may be dominated and invoked, so that they will obey the thoughts,answer to the voice and understand the meaning of traced signs, is what many cannot realize and what their reason rejects; yet this also is capable of being demonstrated and proven. The reader and student should always bear in mind that in trying to demonstrate these things for himself he is working with the unseen and powerful agents,which, if he is not equally powerful, pure and high-minded,loving his fellow-men, and seeking to benefit mankind, rather than seeking or desiring Occult powers to further his own selfish interests,he had much better be dead than to try any of these things for the gratification of his personal nature; for in seeking to harm another, curses,like chickens, return home to roost, with a much greater force than the original impulse.

Man does not know himself, therefore he does not understand the things of the invisible world.Each man has the essence of the Divine (spiritual) within himself; he possesse8 one kind of knowledge as much as another, and he who does not find that which is in him he cannot truly say he does not possess it, only he is not as yet capable of successfully seeking it.Therefore, in seeking, always bear in mind-true growth rests in the capacity of the human soul and the human will to comprehend spiritual truths, and not by basing its conclusions upon external appearances caused by the illusion of the senses or of selfish purposes.

The Hindus were the first Magicians, for by their high and excellent knowledge they knew that the Occult power which was promised was born in all men. Therefore, let no one be offended at the venerable and sacred title of Magician or Adept-a title which every WISE man merits while he pursues that path which "Jesus the Master" himself trod, viz., humility, charity, mercy, fasting, etc.; and, again, men should "Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Such instructions as these are frequently named and given in many places of the ancient Mysteries.


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