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Friday, April 29, 2011

Advice From The Adepts On Seeking Occult Powers (From 'The Mystic Test Book of the Hindu Occult Chambers')

There is a true and Divine Occult Philosophy,as there is an Occult or Thaumaturgic Power.This Thaumaturgic Power was exercised by "Jesus The Master" and all followers of his school. This Power was the legitimate fruit of the regenerate or higher spiritual life to which they called the world, and in the Power and inspiration of which they lived, spake and wrought.To understand the mysterious Occult influences of the Celestial realm upon the Intellectual and these upon the Terrestrial, amd to realize how to develop ourselves so as to he a Master who is capable of attracting to his own soul the supreme influences of these worlds, where by he may he able to operate and do wonderful things by these Occult Powers—to read the past and future of man, to the secret counsels of men, to attract wealth, to overcome secret enemies and animals, to procure the love and favor of those around you, to deflect or expel disease, to prolong the days of your life on the earth plane, to foretell future events, to see clairvoyantly and realise things happening many hundred miles away, and such likes as these. That this lies within the possibilities of soul of man may seem incredible.

Therefore here by inform the student that whatever the desires are which have prompted you in the pursuit of a knowledge of OCCULTISM AND THE INVISIBLE FORCES OF NATURE,so you will reap, for ''LIKE ALWAYS ATTRACTS LIKE.'' If you desire the knowledge to secure revenge, it is but proper that should be warned that thou wilt, in any of the experiments contained in the treatises of the true Occult scriptures , draw or attract to thyself a revengeful demon, or an accursed infernal furious evil spirit, serving in the principal and law of wrath; if for worldly riches and aggrandizement,then shalt thou have an earthier or fiery spirit, which will delude thee with the riches of the central world; if for fame, or the blaze of glory, then you will have the evil spirits of pride,and they will be allotted thee, who will gratify thy inordinate desire of vain glory; for all these offices are there evil spirits who have been allotted,and they are ever eager to merge their evil will and spirit with yours ; they will through the same law attract thee to their own nature, and serve all thy desires and purposes according to the extent as thy desires are, and from what principles they proceed, so shalt thou be answered; but if thou desires the knowledge but for the honor and glory of thy soul (GOD) and to help thy fellow-men, and, in great humility, fill thy heart with the love of all mankind, thou shalt then attract a good spirit, which will grant thy desires and also to assist yon to overcome enemies.Therefore bear this advice: Seek for and desire that which is good; avoid attracting ALL Evil,either in thought, desire, word, or action; and then shalt thou reap the rewards of the soul which desires to develop the inner or spirit sight.Remember there are two ways magically set before thee; choose which thou wilt, thou shalt be sure of thy reward.Also remember,believe in yourself and you will succeed.


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